Introduction – yet another blog?

I already write a few blogs – most regularly my coding blog. Over the past year or so, however, I’ve frequently felt I had something non-code-related I wanted to write about in a longer form than Twitter or even Google+ encourages. Typically that has been about some form of activism – my feelings when attending the Gay Pride march in London in 2015 for example, or my growing affiliation with feminism and the desire to leave thoughts about some of the feminist books I’ve been reading.

This blog is theoretically a catch-all for anything that doesn’t fit in with my coding blog, the Noda Time blog or my mostly-dormant faith blog. (I may well move entries from the faith blog onto this blog instead, as a lot of the thinking will be related.)

A few ground rules and general points:

  • Every post on this blog is my own personal opinion. Please don’t infer the opinion of my employer (whether past, current or future) from what I write here.
  • All comments will be moderated. I fully expect troll responses to some posts – they won’t get through. Disagreements will, if respectfully phrased.
  • Don’t expect 100% consistency over time. This is a more opinion-based blog than my code blog, and my thoughts on many issues may well change over time.